Fairy Tales
Fairy Tales
~ Berlie Doherty, Jane Ray (Illustrator)
  • Details: Hardcover 224 pages
  • Publisher: Walker Books
  • ISBN: 0763609978
  • Price: £10.99


...if there were a beauty contest for books (Fairy Tales) would win hands down... the pictures are exquisite: edged with gold and set in pages of such glorious colour that you feel like stroking them...
The Scotsman, Nov 2000
...this is her finest hour- with delicate miniaturist silhouettes and sumptuous full page tableaux. There is, literally and metaphorically, gold on every page.
Sunday Times, Dec 2000
Jane Ray's decorative powers have been unleashed to turn each (of the Fairy Tales) into a visual feast.
The Times
Text and illustrations are set, gilt-edged, against a background of what must surely be swatches of fairy fabrics and enchanted wallpapers. Ray is famed for her highly decorative work... but here she extends her range magnificently: throughout the book, and especially in Snow White, spirited silhouettes in the style of Rackham weave intricate threads of narrative detail into the rich textures of Doherty's fine retelling. And in Rumpelstiltskin, the picture of the miller's daughter contemplating the mountain of straw, with just a plain inky blue border, is both beautiful and eloquent in its simplicity.
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