I enjoy school visits, when time allows, confining myself mainly to London. I am happy to talk to any age, nursery through to Year 6, but only to one class at a time (30 children).

A typical session will include:

  • A talk about how I illustrate and write books, how I started, and the materials I use.
  • Showing of original artwork, sketchbooks, rough drafts, and related material.
  • A drawing for the class to finish and keep.
  • Reading from a recent book.
  • Questions (it is important that the children are familiar with my work before I arrive and useful if they have thought of some questions).
  • Worksheets/handouts -suggestions for their future work.
    (this session lasts between 20 and 45 minutes depending on the age of the children).

Workshop Sessions

I am also happy to do longer workshop sessions in the classroom. These last up to 2 hours but work may need to be completed outside the session.

Workshop session examples:

1) Mythical Beasts.

After reading Can You Catch a Mermaid, we talk about other mythical creatures that the children may have come across - Pegasus, the Minataur, the Centaur or the Unicorn for example.

I will then introduce the idea of a "made-up" creature and takes ideas from the children, drawing on the board, the trunk of an elephant, the wings of an eagle, the legs of a giraffe etc until we have an extraordinary composite mythical beast. The children then go away and work on their own creations. These can involve the use of collage materials, and extend into writing as they are urged to imagine where their creature comes from, how it lives, its character and what it is called.

2) The Washing Line.

After reading The King of Capri (written by Jeanette Winterson, illustrated by Jane Ray) the children are asked to think about the different clothes hanging on the washing line, their different shapes, styles, colours and patterns. They can examine what they themselves are wearing or think about favourite clothes at home. I'll then draw some examples, and ask the children to draw their ideas LARGE using various media to decorate and colour them, including collage. The resulting garments are then cut out and pegged up on a washing line stretched across the classroom.

These are just examples and I am open to other ideas that might link with projects already being worked on in the classroom.

Please send an email to discuss prices/projects.

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